This website has been developed by a group of volunteer supply chain and on-demand manufacturing professionals in response to COVID-19 emerging needs for spare parts and other equipment. Using our network and resources we are able to design, review and send files to local manufacturing volunteers that can then produce, quality control and deliver the part.

The intent of this website is to reduce the burden on front-line health & supply chain professionals and to optimize the pipeline for helping them, in collaboration with other community initiatives.

What can be produced?

Typically components less than 30x30x30cm in size and in metal or polymer (plastic). Quantities can range from one-off temporary spares to smaller batch production runs of 100-10 000. See pictures for some examples of parts.

How does this work?

If your organization has a need for a spare part linked to COVID-19 relief efforts, simply register your need here and one of our representatives will reach out to you as quickly as possible. We will ask you some questions about the part as an initial screening to verify viability. If the part is a good candidate then the part will be reverse engineered, optimized for digital distribution, reviewed by an expert panel, fabricated & quality controlled locally and then delivered to you for fit & testing purposes. Additional design changes and production ramp-up as required. Please note that due to high demand we may not be able to help everyone.